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The deadly Ebola virus is sweeping through Liberia. In response, Liberian and American troops are in the process of building a series of treatment centers where those suffering from the illness will be cared for.

As Sharon O'Malley stated, "The construction project is part of a U.S. effort to help the Liberian government fight Ebola."

Unfortunately, the WHO (World Health Organization) estimates the virus will afflict 20,000 people by November. And the average fatality rate is 50%.

Recent estimates suggest those afflicted may rise to 10,000 per week, with a fatality rate of 70%...

In addition to those troops the United States had alread sent, the Pentagon has said the U.S. Army could send as many as 4,000 soldiers to Libera to join those already there in an effort to contain the virus.

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by Admin on October 2nd, 2014

The National Center for Construction Education and Research has declared the month of October as "Careers in Construction Month." According to the online e-zine, Construction Dive, a shorage of skilled workers in the construction industry is ultimately what prompted the NCCER to make the designation.

In an effort to increase the amount of skilled labor within the industry, the non-profit organization is encouraging various construction industry groups to partner with educators to host more career fairs and workshops. In addition, the NCCER whose mission is to "recruit the next generation of craft professionals by making career and technical education a priority," is offering a host of online resources, guides for best practices, brochures, and event calendars.

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by Admin on September 23rd, 2014

Americans are aging. According to a recent article by Sharon O'Malley, "By 2030, 73 million Americans will be at least 65 years old. By 2040, 28 million will be 80 or older." The problem is whether or not there will be enough housing available to house them.
At the end of the day, people are living longer. According to a recent study, people who turn 65 this year, can expect to be around at least another 20 years - perhaps longer! With this in mind, we can conclude that the United States is simply unprepared to deal with the growing elderly population.
In addition to people getting older, many retirees are also outliving their incomes. Many are on fixed incomes, and as a result are looking for housing they can afford, which simply isn't always available. The Joint Center for Housing Studies estimates "...Americans age 50 and older spend 30% to 50% of their income on housing," (O'Malley 2014).
In conclusion, Harvard University recently conducted a study, Housing America's Older Adults: Meeting the Needs of an Aging Population, and identified three primary areas of concern...
  1. Cost of housing is high
  2. Suburban and rural areas aren't great places to "age in place"
  3. Older homes aren't accommodating older people 

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In a response to an increase in wine consumption, many country clubs and vacation resorts have added wine rooms – and Highland Springs Country Club in Springfield, MO is no exception. Highland Springs decided to transform unused space in the clubhouse main lobby into a wine room. According to General Manager, Mark Stahlman, the goal was to “...create a broader range and offer more variety of wines.” The club also wanted a showcase piece as club members and guests entered the main lobby area.
The project was a collaborative effort. The Bailey Company served as the General Contractor and Dwayne Holden with Custom Metalcraft was the general Architect and Designer. Mitchell Drywall & Plastering of Springfield, MO served in a subcontracting capacity, taking care of the structural framing, plywood, and drywall needs of the project.
Once the general construction needs were met, the club desired a distinct look and feel for the room. According to Diana Mirel, Contributing Editor for Club Resort & Business Magazine, “To enter the 150-sq. ft. wine room, members and guests walk through an oversized, arched oak door with glass windows. The door is a replica of the clubhouse’s front doors, which helps the new wine room blend seamlessly with the existing look.”
The wine room has now been open for eight months. Since its creation, Highland Springs Country Club has seen an increase in their overall wine business, as well as an increase in pride among its wine enthusiast members.
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Click here to read the full articleThe United States' GDP grew last quarter: it grew by an estimated 4%. Part of the increase was due to construction figures. Fixed nonresidential investment was up more than the overall economy at 5.5%, and residential investment grew by more than 7%, according to Associated Builders and Contractors. 

Fortunately, last quarter's increase in GDP helped turn around a poor, negative first quarter. Although still negative, the first quarter was not as bad as orginally reported. The Commerce Department revised their estimates and discovered that the shrinkage was only 2.1%, not the orginally reported, 2.9%.

Although Federal spending fell this past quarter, state and local spending rose. Nonresidential growth is also supported by a recent report which shows both heavy and civil engineering firms are beginning to hire again.

Although these increases are not where we might really desire them to be, positive increases is good news, nonetheless.

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