House Hunters Desire Energy Efficiency

With the costs of nearly everything on the rise, people are trying to save where they can - even if that means paying more up front for an energy-efficient home. According to, nearly 80% of Americans looking to purchase a home in the near future are interested in purchasing one that is energy-efficient. The data was collected from research conducted by the 10th annual Energy Pulse study by the Shelton Group.

So, what does that mean for those of us in the construction industry? For starters, surveyors from the Shelton Group, recommend that sellers change their language, learning to use "buzz" words that energy-efficient buyers are looking for.

At the end of the day, "71% of the 2,006 potential homeowners said they were 'likely' of 'very likely' to pay more for a high performance home," ( 2014). Definitely a stat that those in the residential construction community should be paying attention to...

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