US Troops Build Ebola Clinics

The deadly Ebola virus is sweeping through Liberia. In response, Liberian and American troops are in the process of building a series of treatment centers where those suffering from the illness will be cared for.

As Sharon O'Malley stated, "The construction project is part of a U.S. effort to help the Liberian government fight Ebola."

Unfortunately, the WHO (World Health Organization) estimates the virus will afflict 20,000 people by November. And the average fatality rate is 50%.

Recent estimates suggest those afflicted may rise to 10,000 per week, with a fatality rate of 70%...

In addition to those troops the United States had alread sent, the Pentagon has said the U.S. Army could send as many as 4,000 soldiers to Libera to join those already there in an effort to contain the virus.

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