Moore Oklahoma Amends Construction Code

In response to the devastating tornado that rocked Moore Oklahoma on May 20th, 2013, the city has adopted a new ordinance that amends the city's building code. The ultimate goal is to improve the overall safety of the area during violent weather. The new provisions require more wind-resistant construction that will better withstand the force of tornados and strong winds.

Unfortunately, last year's tornado was the third of its kind in only 15 years for the city of Moore. The frequencey of tornados in the Oklahoma area, are ultimately what prompted city officials to take action to improve buildings and ensure they will not only be stronger, but also safer in the event of another disaster.

According to Chris Ramseyer, a structural engineer and University of Oklahoma professor said, "It makes sense to spend that small amount of money - about a dollar per square foot - to build a superior product that can withstand forces we know the building will probably see in its lifetime."

Some of the new construction provisions include:
  • Requirements for plywood  on gable end walls
  • Overlapping wood panel sheathing at rim boards
  • Continuous sheathed portal frames at garage door openings
  • And more...
Many of the new provisions for residential and commercial construction in Moore OK are described in the APA's Building for High Wind Resistance in Light-frame Wood Construction, Form M310.

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