Subways Construction Efforts Outnumber Other Fast Food Retailers

If the additional number of Subway locations that are scheduled to be open in the near future, is any indication of economic progress, the future is bright. Although it may be hard for many people to believe, Subway already has more restaurant locations than many of its competitors. Burgers have long been the staple of fast food, especially in the United States. However, according to a recent article in Bloomberg BusinessWeek, the $5 Footlong is becoming more and more popular.
From a commercial construction and real estate perspective, Subway had more than 40,000 locations in 2013. McDonald’s has only 35,400 locations, and Starbucks has 20,000.  Subway has been building new locations rapidly for the last ten years, and it doesn’t appear the fast food giant is going to let up anytime soon.
One of the reasons for Subway’s rapid growth is that their strategy has changed. Rather than just building strip-center and freestanding locations, they are getting savvier with their location choices. For instance, Subway has its targets set on more “nontraditional venues,” like hospitals, colleges, sports arenas, shopping malls, airports, and more.
With that being said, the restaurant chain shows no signs of letting down. It is estimated that the market can handle 100,000 locations by 2030.

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