Construction Industry Groups Promote Resilient Planning and Building Materials

Weather is changing, and for one reason or another, in recent years, it appears there have been more and more natural catastrophes. Does this mean that there is a need for an increased focus on design and building solutions that help mitigate natural disasters? According to nineteen construction industry associations, who recently issued a statement it is.
For the first time ever, the leaders of America’s design and construction industry, have agreed that there needs to be more focus on promoting resilience in planning, materials, design, construction, and operations to make the nation’s construction infrastructure more stable, safe, and secure.
At a recent press conference at the National Business Museum, the following statement was issued:
“We recognize that natural and manmade hazards pose an increasing threat to the safety of the public and the vitality of our nation. We further recognize that contemporary planning, building materials, design, construction and operational techniques can make our communities more resilient to these threats.”
In order for this vision to be fulfilled, there’s a lot that needs to be done. For instance, new materials need to be researched, and construction methods and procedures must also be improved. In addition, the construction industry must make a concerted effort to engage in continuous learning, become advocates for effective land use, respond to disasters quickly, and actively plan for unexpected future events with a strategic plan for a quick recovery when disaster does strike.
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