Commercial Construction Underway on Citrus Bowl Stadium in Orlando

Not too long after the bowl game finished on New Year’s Day, 80% of the landmark Florida Citrus Bowl was knocked down. The city is conducting a mass remodel on the structure, and expect for the new stadium to be complete by the end of the year – approximately eleven months from start to finish.
The Florida Citrus Bowl, which has played host to numerous high school, college, and NFL events, began its history in 1936 as a Works Progress Administration project by President FDR. The structure cost only $115,000 at the time. Since then, in addition to the numerous sporting events that have been held at the facility, legendary music artists have performed there as well, including acts like The Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, Pink Floyd, Elton John, and more.
The commercial construction project will cost a bit more than it did in 1936, to say the least. The project is estimated to come in at $205 million. Upon its completion, the majority of the structure will be new construction – 80% of it. New features will include a new exterior facade, a 360-degree main concourse, lower bowl seating, club level seating, suites, and video displays.
The City of Orlando expects the new venue will generate approximately $300 million in additional annual revenue from new events that will be hosted at the complex.

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