Evolutions in Home Design

Despite amazing innovations in technology and modern home and commercial construction design, sometimes people simply desire something a little more “old fashioned.” According to a recent article published by Professional Builder, there is a very specific segment of the home-buying population that desire new homes with traditional architectural styles, open floor plans and amenities that cater to the modern lifestyle.

This desire isn’t necessarily anything new. In fact, it dates back to the early 1980s when homebuyers were becoming disenchanted with subdivisions that offered similar style, spec homes.

According to David Matthews, “The person who buys these homes is typically a bit more affluent and more of a risk taker.”  For one reason or another, these new, old homes tend to attract entrepreneurial-minded people who are more fashion-oriented. In addition, the average buyers range from singles, young couples, older families, and even empty nesters.

One question many readers may find themselves asking is this: what type of area is best suitable for the New, Old House? According to the article, these homes tend to work well in an infill context, as well as in a larger-scale, New Urbanist context.

According to Ward, “The architecture reinforces the pedestrian-friendly, small-town attributes that people romanticize.”

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