New Show Exposes Bad Eggs in Contracting

Unfortunately, they exist in all industries – “Bad Eggs” that is: business professionals who are simply dishonest in one way or another.  A new reality TV show coming to Spike TV is looking to expose some of the “bad eggs” in the residential construction industry. The new show, hosted by Adam Carolla, starts this week, and is called “Catch a Contractor.”
The goal of the new show is to find dishonest contractors and bring them to justice. They will accomplish this by tracking them down, making them return to the scene, and ultimately assist them in making amends.
According to the host, Adam Carolla, a “bad egg” gets three choices: finish the job under their supervision; give the money back; or go to court to have it settled. Carolla states, “Usually they finish the job.”
In a recent interview, Adam Carolla, offers some sound advice to anyone hiring a contractor to do residential remodeling work:
  • Check references
  • Talk to people who have worked with them
  • Use a properly licensed and bonded company
  • Check to see if there are any pending lawsuits against the organization 

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