Surveyed Execs Anticipate Up Year in Construction for 2014

The Optimism Quotient, a 38 years old Wells Fargo survey, measures how construction executives feel about the coming year for business. What’s interesting is this: this year’s survey returned a reading of 124, which happens to be a record high. According to the Wells Fargo survey, anything over a score of 100 indicates that the majority of construction executives have an optimistic outlook.
55.4% of the executives surveyed see an increase in commercial construction this year, while slightly more said the same regarding residential work. According to Ron Gallagher, “The survey is done by the Wells Fargo Equipment Finance subsidiary in an effort to gauge how its business will be...”
Since the survey is 38 years old, it benefits from data collected during recessionary times. The Optimism Quotient recorded a record low in 2009; however, it has been above 100 for the last several years.

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