The True Benefit of “Going Green”

People are becoming increasingly aware of the personal impact they can make on the environment, and the idea of “Going Green” is becoming more and more popular in nearly every industry. Businesses and organizations of all types are finding ways to cut back and save on energy expenditures. And it’s no different for the commercial construction and residential industries either. The big question is this: do the benefits far outweigh the initial investment?

According to Wade Myer, despite this awareness, many people are still hesitant to implement “green elements” into their homes. This raises a couple of interesting questions: 1) is the long-term savings worth the initial investment in the minds of many consumers, and 2) will “going green” increase a home’s resale value, ultimately making it worth more?

In a recent article from, the majority of homeowners doing “green” remodels believe that the renovations add about 6% to the original cost of the project. Unfortunately, recent studies show that most renovations add as little as 65% of the original cost to the home’s market value. And perhaps this is the reason why some homeowners are not yet ready to make the leap to “Going Green.”

Whether consumers perceive it as being true or not, making houses and buildings more energy efficient will pay off financially in the long run. Green renovations simply increase energy efficiency, and therefore save you money on bills, especially utilities. With that being said, “green remodels” cost quite more than their standard remodel counterparts, and can be quite costly.


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