An Embarrassing Situation for Winter Olympics Construction

The 2014 Winter Olympics are here. The opening ceremonies were spectacular; however, the current commercial construction situation for spectators, members of the associated press, and other non-athletes, not so much; especially when it comes to housing accomodations.
Earlier in the week, officials stated it was impossible to determine exactly how many hotels would be finished prior to the start of the games. Although some of the lack of progress was attributable to a 10-day rain delay, there are complications nonetheless.
Some are saying that the accommodation situation for non-athletes could potentially be a major embarrassment for the host country. Unfortunately, earlier in the week, many were turned away entirely, or were checked into rooms that weren’t even finished.
Mark Adams, an official spokesperson for the International Olympic Committee, stated that although there were hotels unfinished, “That doesn’t mean they’re empty shells with no beds or whatever...”
Local organizers have stated that only six of the nine hotels in the area were finished, and that the remaining hotels are scheduled to open later this week.
Only time will tell whether or not the situation will improve – hopefully so, because 95% of the hotels are already booked!

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