Outlook for Commercial Construction Industry Remains Positive

According to a recent post by Buildings.com the outlook remains positive for the United States commercial construction industry. Buildings.com releases the statement upon the issuance of a new report from Jones Lang LaSalle.
Despite the residential and commercial construction industries getting hit hard from the 2009 recession, there are four trends specifically that are leading to the increasing optimism in the industry.

1. Even though lending standards have remained relatively unchanged, commercial lending conditions are improving

2. The costs of construction is outpacing the recover in many parts of the country
3. Green Buildings are becoming more commonplace. Years ago, the Green features were only considered upon specific request; however, a company’s attention to green building materials is considered to be a core competency
4. Severe weather is driving construction in many geographic areas
Despite the improving conditions, there seems to be little funding available for states to begin new projects. As a result, there has been a rise in Public-Private Partnerships as an alternative financing solution when public funding is simply unavailable.
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